The difficult we do immediately. The impossible takes a little longer… but not much. A few cuts of coding katana and Samurai Developer can create a contest back end that stands up to ravaging Ronin armies. Or the traffic from a Superbowl advertisement. Whichever comes first.

Legend has it that the Samurai can create websites that meld with the energy of the cosmos and sweep through the air like cranes. The truth is even better: Samurai Developer has the power to scale your website smoothly to a large audience, integrate deeply with third parties, and create exciting e-commerce experiences.

Architecting, implementing, administering – Samurai Developer does it all, without disturbing the manliness of his topknot. It is not a ponytail. It is a topknot.

Leave behind the blunt medieval instruments you are accustomed to. Engage the sharp, lissome blade of a master. Because some projects require the touch of a Samurai.

In fighting and in everyday life you should be determined though calm.Miyamoto Musashi: The Book of Five Rings

They Samurai Developer takes helping people very seriously and that is especially true for clients past, present and future.

Down in the bottom-right corner  you will see a nice button with the word “Help” on it. Go ahead, take the hint. Your message will find it’s way into our ticket system where we Samurai Developer can resolve your problems, skewering them with grace and ease on his katana. Be aware that Samurai Developer loves not only fixing things, but also rescue kittens from trees and bravely liberate caffeinated drinks from refrigerators.